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Handmade Bowties and neckties
Neckties and bowties by Handsomeandlace

Pick ups now available!

For years I have had to turn down pick up requests because I don't have a walk in retail shop, and that can be frustrating for customers to get their items faster.

I have recently partnered up with Beadle Shop on Dundas and Dufferin to make this a new local pick up option.

Not only does Beadle Shop carry really meaningful gift ideas but she has been amazing with letting me do this!

How it works:

Once an item has been purchased on my website, the item will be ready in 48 hours for pick up at Beadle Shop  close by. Items must be picked up same day once confirmation of delivery for pick has come in.

You simply walk in, hopefully browse around, and say "I have a tie on hold for Peter" , for example, and Cherie will hand you your items. Simple!

Please note that Beadle will not be responsible for late picks or anything Handsome&Lace related, she will simply be a pick up point and awesome place to shop for little luxuries : )

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