Why do I not offer Pick Ups?

If you have noticed that I don't offer pick ups, there are actually good reasons for that, I thought I'd put into words for all makers.

Every maker has their own reason for not offering personal pick ups, but a lot of them are similar reasons.

People who run a full time creative business typically do not have the standard, 'wake up and get showered and ready by 8am and then stay home working until 5pm' schedule. We are in and out all day, and to confirm a time is very very hard for us.


I have said "I can meet you at 5pm at so and so location" only to find myself scrambling to rush home from fabric sourcing for other customers cutting my time short and maybe not finding everything I needed before fulfilling this pick up obligation. 

A lot of makers are also swamped with work and can look pretty messy from working on creative things, so there is sadly prep time in meeting customers who have an expectation of you not looking unkempt. 

Another reason being it's almost impossible to keep times down to the minute in a busy City and I've been stood up many times, even 30 mins after the meet time, and it's really not fair. We could be using that time to get things done, and as makers we can get a LOT done in 30 mins. 

Social anxiety is probably a top reason for me, I work for myself because I like to be alone, and not talk too much, and you can't just show up for a pick up completely silent.lol. As much as I'd love that, you are sort of obligated to make small talk and that adds more time. We LOVE emails but meeting strangers is never calming. 

Privacy. It's actually important for me and other makers to live in privacy and not have customers know where we live. It's not something I'm comfortable with so if I DO give in and offer a pick up, most likely I'll have to walk to it, so my privacy is in tact. 

I'm also a woman and as a woman we can tend to feel uncomfortable meeting male strangers on a whole. Sorry dudes, I'm sure you're cool as hell, but understand we don't know you. at all. 

Thank you for understanding!