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Bullshit Story

I wanted to share one of my favourite stories because to this day, it has yet to be surpassed in my line of business.

I make neckties for people who need something specific and I also do neckties for Weddings, so this was a cute request from someone getting married who needed a specific tie made for the 'Father of the Bride': Just read because it's actually hilarious.

The photo above was sent to be by a bride who told me a story of when her Mother got married, her grandfather (Her mother's father) wore this really intricate tie (seen above), and she wanted to recreate it. "AMAZING TIE!" I thought! I CAN and would love to do this!

I had to give this file to my husband who could trace the pattern on a graphic program in order for me to even have the design turned into a usable embroidery file. I had been working with my husband to get this right and on one of those emails, my client asked if we could make the "L's more noticeable". "L's??, what is she talking about?" Then it HIT me. This design is no innocent design worn by a sweet old man. This tie says "BULLSHIT" on it, and I could not be more excited! All of a sudden I was pumped to make this happen.

With a little help of my husband, I finally created the ties in which she would surprise her own father so could wear one down the isle. What a cool ass family, you guys!

Need your own EPIC tie? I do all kinds of bizarre works, so don't feel awkward about asking me, this is what I live for! Check out some custom options here and support local business during these hard times!



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