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Now You Can Find my fabric choices for Custom ties through Instagram

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

I've made it easier than ever to get the right fabrics for your ties and bowties. You can easily search #fabricfindhl for my latest updated fabric library, or search my entire Instagram for inspo. #handsomeandlace .If you're the type to look for your own fabrics, that's cool too...

Go to to search their extensive list of fabrics (mainly cottons). Once you purchase the fabric you love, you can have them hold it for "Keira" and I will pick up next day. It's THAT easy. (Just be aware that 1 unit of fabric is 1/2 a yard" -Please email me to discuss quantity before purchasing. for ex: One tie requires the length of 3/4 of a yard where as you can get 4 ties from 1 yard.

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