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Giving life to old Clothing

I started this business using 100% upcycled and donated fabric and although I've slowly added locally purchased new fabrics to the mix, that doesn't mean I've lost the passion for repurposing old clothing that someone may deem "hideous".

I love to look at a vintage skirt and first think "EW!" and then as I look closer and start moving the fabric around I think "OOOOOH!!"

Latest Repurpose:

Vintage Liberty of London Skirt

I don't have an exact year but it looks 80's as F*** (I mean that in a great way!)

First, I had to cut the pieces away that I can't use after washing it in the washing machine. After that I started Cutting Pieces for my bowtie and suspenders. EEEEEE

Once I did some other creative, behind the scenes stuff, the magic happened! Now I have this suspenders&bowtie set made of Vintage fabric that would have otherwise seen a landfill. And it's 100% original. No one else on this planet will have this set. Take that, Climate change!! We got this!

Creating with fabric like this is so important to not only the environment but also your personal style. When using a skirt or shirt you can only get one necktie and pocket square -for instance. (depending on the size), can rest assure that this look will be yours forever and then to pass down from generation to generation. I honestly believe that when I'm older, style will be the only thing I can use to give me youth because it translates to 'cool' and 'smart'.

Thanks for reading and if you're interesting getting some clothing repurposed you can send me an email at : ) or checkout my full website with all the oddities and beauty.


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