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How much do you love your pet?

If you're anything like me (and millions of other humans around the world) then your pets are your 'for real' babies! That black and white guy below is my guy (His name is Goon, and no I did not name him. I call him a million other things but 'Goon' is rarely one of them) I can't even live without him so with love for pets in mind I thought it would be fun to offer the 'pet obsessed' an outlet for their burning love.

Please Note * My other cat, Barb with the Resting B**** face, is exactly how she looks. Grumpy and just wants food. NOW!!!!!!

Cat Face Bow Tie

Cat Lady

My husband has a good understanding of graphic art and turned our cat-babes into cartoons.

Grumpy Cat

From there I sent the file off to my Digitizer so she can create the embroidery file for me to use.

Dog Neckties

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