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How to not F*** up the first date

I have a single sister, mother and single friends both male and female. I've heard some of the worst - and belly hurtingly hilarious- stories or nightmares of first dates. I always wondered why People F up the first date when it comes to the people I know.

First of all, the debate about who pays for what is a struggle. Women want to be treated as equals and so do men so there's a hard debate here. I say from experience, whoever asked for the date first pays. We don't need to make a thing out of it. If you ask, be prepared to pay. Good thing about this is that at least you can choose where you go to have your date : )

Second. Don't be fake or overly nice just to save face. If you have to be fake to be cute or nice, then maybe don't go on dates until you've either worked on that or found a partner who is the same way. I've heard so many stories of the *asker starting out with a fake smile or phoney posture. Listen; be normal, real people want real people to be with. Why does everyone assume not being overly nice means being rude. It has nothing to do with the other...which leads me to my next tip

Don't be rude or rush your date. If you're upset with the time it takes them to do things, understand that even the most perfect person will eventually show quirks. Best to see them now. If they are forgivable then just relax, it could be worse, they could have a secret drug problem and you not know until you're attached already.

Style goes a long way when trying to impress without having to alter your personality to land another date. When someone shows up to a date and their date in particular has style...OOOOOHWEEE. Style is whatever you want it to be. My husband showed up on our first date wearing a Pixies Hoodie and a band Tee. DAYUM. (granted I was 21 and I'm 36 now) I honestly recommend a slick tie for anyone over 30 years Ties can be really edgy or unique these days. I have a few neckties that might give your date a look into your radness without bragging *OVERLY OBVIOUS WINK

I also just want to point out that getting attached too quickly is a very HARD turn off for anyone ; Unless you can really tell the other person is infatuated I wouldn't get too aggressive or expect too much from them. Having expectations too soon in the relationship is just so hard to ignore..on either end. So be cool, cool cats and give your dates space. If they had an amazing time, they will call. If not, it's not something to force : )


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