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My Big Win!

Back in April 2019, I entered a contest through Purolator called "Dream into Reality" so I entered my story and forgot about it.

In October I was contacted by Purolator saying I won $10,000 so I obviously didn't answer back right away because 'nice scam, lady". right? Who wins $10,000 ?

Two days later I got an email from Purolator asking that I check in my inbox. I was starting to get the idea that I may have, in fact, won $10,000. -No, it can't be though...

For the next few weeks they sort of said "oh the cheque is coming in the mail" so I just sort of held this "it's not real" mentally until a cheque showed up in the mail in November. The envelope wasn't quite sealed so again, I couldn't help but wonder how far this scam would go. It was real!. I did win $10,000 and announced it in November on all of my social media.

Here is a little update of what I did with that money:

1) I replaced my sewing machine which was honestly days away from completely being unusable. I replaced my machine with a heavy duty Janome machine which is not only steps up from the machine I had, but this sews through leather like butter. I've been getting a lot of requests for Leather Suspenders lately so this was the perfect option!

2) I replaced my embroidery machine. I never thought this would happen because they are SO EXPENSIVE! My embroidery machine before was also on its last leg, it really is crazy the timing of this win.

3) I paid my $2500 business credit card off. Nothing fancy here, just smart

4) I purchased a Cricut machine which was something I didn't even have on my radar until it popped up in my news feed around that time, and was really blown away by how much it can do for my business. This machine was $500 plus all of the accessories you need so yeah..not cheap but makes my business stand out with even more customization services than I had before!

5) Silk and other high end fabrics. I typically grab a few yards of high priced silk like $69/yard type of silk. I stocked up on 2 black silks I use often for my oversized bow ties but I also picked up other really pricey materials like leather and lace so I have them on hand.

6) Other things include a new cabinet for storing supplies, a rug and curtains for my workspace, supplies and labels etc. Little things that add up.!

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