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Should I still get married during a Pandemic?

I've been pretty worried since the beginning of February that Weddings will slowly become less and less. My heart was breaking for all of those couples who have been so excited, and spent hours and months planning. But then I dissected that thought. Hours and months of planning. Why did we get so hung up on lavish, 200 guest weddings? Shouldn't the only people at your Wedding be people you see at least once a month? Why did we get so involved in inviting EVERYONE that we let it consume a year of planning and a year of earnings? WHY??

I think what this pandemic is teaching us, is that maybe the large, over dramatic weddings will be a thing of the past. In all reality I had 50 people at my wedding and it didn't make it any less epic than a 200 person wedding, in fact it might have been better with even less people? I'm glad everyone was able to make it to my wedding but if I truly think about doing it over again in a time like this, I could easily have had 20 people or less. The people I want to spend a day with anyways.

Here in Canada we got the news that we are looking at another 12 weeks if we don't stop gathering. 12 weeks brings us to about the end of June, so even though that seems lightyears away, that still leaves room for small weddings in July and August, maybe a little bigger in the winter months to follow, but don't be discouraged. These are the times that it's nice to have some time to think about what truly matters at your wedding. As many people as possible OR select few with with fine details that really capture this special day. Like a photographer, or venue. Intimate things that set this day into a happy time when very little had hope. We WILL play in the green grass again. I say, keep planning those mid to late summer Weddings and beyond. Just narrow it down to the finer details ; )


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