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Stand out in an Interview

Interviews can be overwhelming enough, but with the heat of a dream job prospect with all of the benefits, vacation time and high salary, it's easy to get anxious. You're mind starts to wander to 'the good life' because you know you'd be perfect for the position!

But then reality sinks in and you realize there are probably so many people applying for the same job! STRESS!!

Sometimes something as small as a good inside joke or remarkable style can really make you stand out amongst the other candidates when the employer is making final decisions.

Landing a job takes 3 major factors:

. Resume/Experience

. Presentation

. Personality

All of these ties are conversation starters and trigger the memory bank of the employer even days after you've met. It might even help to get an understanding of the employer. You don't want to get a 'suck up' tie which would be the company logo you're trying to get a job at but if it's media maybe a tie with record player on it, or if it's a restaurant, a tie with a little craft beer or glass of wine might bring you to the forefront. Just like a resume, you want your first impression to be just that!

An impression is "an idea, feeling, or opinion about something or someone, especially one formed without conscious thought or on the basis of little evidence" Make it count.

Ties range from $75-$125 depending on image/logo and fabric type : )

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