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The best thing you didn't know you needed this Spring!

This is my personal umbrella Holster which I started making over 12 years ago! This leather one is 9 years old and may not be perfect but it's 9 years old so these last a while.


Perfect for those who prefer long umbrellas because we all know the fold up umbrellas are kind of useless, and the main reason why you see them inside out on the ground on rainy days.

The reason people prefer the fold up umbrella to begin with is because the long umbrella is really annoying to carry around.

That is why I "invented" these (I put quotes because I can't prove it but back when I started making them, I googled "umbrella carrier/holster" and nothing would come up!


After a few trial and errors I created something that works!

.First thing is that the sling can be made to fit over one shoulder like I have or they can be made to cross the body so you don't have to worry about slipping off your shoulder.

.The leather is perfect because once you tuck your umbrella in the holster the water gets absorbed into the hyde. Don't ask me why this doesn't ruin the leather because I don't know why-but it doesn't!

. There is a spout at the very tip so that some water can escape slowly without pooling inside the holster, or on the ground of that cool comic book store.-Bye bye umbrella bin. I don't trust you and I never have!!!!

.The newest version has a small pull tag near the opening (not shown in this photo) that helps assist in you pulling your umbrella back out of the holster.

. ALL OF THE COMPLIMENTS- I swear I get asked 3 times every use it where on earth I got that umbrella holder. Nothing is cooler than fashion forward people who think ahead of the crowd. #forreal

I prefer to create these holster per order so I can get the umbrella height measurements so allow 1 week for production.

Leather Option - $95 per holster

Faux Leather Option - $70

Let's get you suited up before the major rainfall hits! : )

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