Personality Pocket Squares:

I created these after I realized I was leaving out some really cool people who weren't as comfortable wearing neckties and bowties as part of their personality.  


This specific square is made of a cotton that I assumed was high quality but didn't expect the price to be as high as it was. I felt too embarrassed to say no, so alas the very expensive striped cotton-Maybe it's organic, I don't know.  I do know that I Embroidered it with the coolest, dopest super hero there is. BATMAN.  Good luck NOT making friends with this pocket square. But don't let them steal it, it's very expesive fabric!! : P ( no, but it really was expensive)



Starting with a few popular choices, I wanted to make sure the fabrics are quality keeping in line with my brand but I wanted these pocket squares to speak for you by creating little personality icons.  Little blips of you and who you are, what your interests are. It gives the impression that you're fun and know your quality when you see it.  We all know people who can't tell quality but you can! I think, or hope, that's why you're here on my page reading this!  I strongly commit to quality as a rule, and then uniqueness as another.

Looking for this pocket square with no icon, or even an icon of your own! No problem, please message me with your requests and I'll reply within 2 hours (during workday hours)


Shipped via Purolator within 24 hours of purchase-At your doorstep in 1 week.

Batman Outline Pocket Square

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