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Handsome&Lace Handmade Suspenders:


I really try to find the most versatile and premium fabrics for suspenders, otherwise there's not much of a point, am I right?   

I love to make people feel unique and stylish when every day can seem to blend into the next, I try to make you feel excited about getting dressed in the morning, ready to conquer the day! People warm up well to people with a fun sense of style so it's no wonder my suspenders are slowly becoming my highest ranked search for the past year-although I've been making them for over 5 years now ; ) 



* All 3 forks are adjustable so you get the perfect fit every time.

* Fits most sizes but please inquire if you are worried about sizing

* Back Patch is a genuine leather in a deep brown

* Clasp style that doesn't ruin your pants ( Buttonhole version avilable upon request)


This pair stole my heart the moment they were completed.  I found this very bold gem toned fabric ( mostly dark green) at a fabric sale in a church and although I tend to use pastels and charcoal tones I fell in love with the audacious print but the print is calmer when you pair it with a solid shirt. Fashion is allll about balance. Fun with professionalism. The Ideal candidate for any situation, whether it's a job or a date. ; )


Send in the box you see in the last photo and shipped within 2 days or purchase via Canada Post Expedited

Bold Floral Suspenders