Handsome&Lace Velvet Bow Ties:   (more amazing rich colours coming! 


I handmade this specific bow tie from an amazing cotton velvet in one of my favourite shades ( because it flatters everybody!) which is a bluish, greenish, gray - "Dusty Shale" if you prefer.  I love the velvet bowties because they add texture and charm simple or bold outfits. Nobody evil ever wore a velvet bowtie-I don't know what I mean by that, but you probably do ; )  This bowtie is a pretied version that IS adjustable at the band which I made from raw silk. Smooth operator over here. 


Handsome&Lace isn't a mass production company, nor do I scrimp on detail or quality. I truly love what I do and make sure each and every layer, detail or stitch is a representation of the integrity for quality in uniqueness. For real. From personally sourcing fabrics materials (not done online and I do not pay someone else to do this for me), to hand cutting from my handmade patterns, to ironing right here in studio, and hand stitching tight invisible stitches. Each detail is well thought out and done in person and on the premises. 


Neck band fabric is about 1" wide and the actual bow when tied measures about 5" wide (from side to side) and about 2.5" down (top to bottom) 




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Dark Dusty Shale Velveteen Bow Tie