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This is an introductory price to start these suspenders off but the fabric and quality are so good that I will be raising the price after a month (basically just enough time for my loyal customers and friends to grab them before they are regular price )


Each pair is made by hand from a fine wool/linen in black which has a nice texture as well as perfect for the suspender base because they stay put and have the perfect thickness.  The shoulder bows are made from a matte microfiber that also has an amazing quality to it.  The fabric is heavier and cold to the touch giving the bows a slight wiggle and weight. They drape so beautifully and gives you that feeling of your hair brushing againts your arms. I don't think anyone can NOT feel sexy in these. You could play it off cute too but they really are modestly and classicly sexy.  ; )


Fits most sizes but if you are super unique and have a body type that you'd love to custom fit, then please do let me know! 

Fine Shoulder Bow Suspenders

C$130.00 Regular Price
C$90.00Sale Price