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This bowtie was hand sewn from a very exciting floral rayon.  This fabric is amazing in terms of pattern but also how it used to live another life as a womens shirt.  I saved it from an inevitable life in a landfill after seeing it as a shirt, I knew right away it was too much for a shirt, and that if you look closley, you'd see the beauty in it still.   


I was able to create a very limited amount of these bowties all lined with a vibrant pink silk, really giving this eco-friendly piece a little more depth, quality and structure. Raw silk is great for bowties because it stays where you want it, so if you prefer a flatter bowtie, just press it, but if you prefer a fluffier bowtie, you can just puff the bow up a bit and it will stay there.


Bowtie fits most neck sizes (14"-18") and is fully self tying and adjustable (I ship each bowtie already tied so you never actually have to untie and retie it. Self tie bowties just have much more layer and quality to them that a pretied bowtie just doesn't have.  Every time I see a pretied bowtie in wedding photos I squinch a bit. 


Shipping to Canada *4-5 business days

Shipping to USA *10-14 business day-no tracking

Floral Party Bowtie Lined with Silk