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Delicate French Lace Necktie-Hand Stitched

I hand crafted this beautiful necktie from a floral lace from France which I was fortunate enough to have locally, It's quite possibly the most delicate fabric I've ever worked with and took some hesitation just to snip into it.    The fabric underneath was the perfect match! A light beige taupe silk satin that is super wiggly and has a slight sheen, casting some more depth under the lace.  - Took me a long while of searching to find that perfect lining fabric and it really paid off. 

This tie measures standard at 58" in length and 2.75" at the widest point 

I'm starting with 2 in stock but will consider buying the rest depending on how these go : ) 

I have less expensive lace tie options in shop as well, this is for the very picky and very devoted to handmade beauty : )

I actually found this stunning rare lace while I was looking for a more modestly priced lace but when the fabric woman pulled out this version from France ( Only 5 yards left)  I got scared when she told me it was $125/yard and the yard is not a typical 56" yard. This lace was 36" so I dismissed the option and went home with my other beautiful -just not as pricey lace. That night, I kept pacing around thinking about how stunning the lace was, the perfect colours, the quality,  the texture, the rarity of finding it and the fact that there was only 5 yards left. I also did some research into lace from France and saw most of them range from about $150-$250! 

I really hope this tie makes you feel as warm and fuzzy as it makes me. <3 

Handsome&Lace isn't an assembly line production company, nor do I scrimp on favouring small details. I truly love what I do and make sure each and every layer and stitch is a representation of my integrity for uniqueness and well tailored designs. For real. 

From personally sourcing fabrics to hand cutting from my handmade patterns, to ironing right here in studio playing the best music, and hand stitching over 450 tight invisible per tie! That's about 8 stitches an inch unlike most necktie companies. Each detail is well thought out in hopes that this tie will be your favourite tie that you brag about for ages!


Cost Breakdown:

Lace Cost $125
Necktie Creation $100

Please check out my official website for info on the brand! 



US buyers-Item sent Regular mail but I highly recommend expedited service because I can't control where lost packages go and do not offer refunds on lost items due to Postal Issues. 

Canadian buyers are charged a flat shipping fee and is expedited with tracking * 2-4 biz days)

French Floral Lace Neck Tie - Very Limited Stock

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