Handsome&Lace Self-Tie Bow Ties:  

I handmade this specific bow tie from a very expensive Italian merino wool.  The shade is a mix of maroon and black which you can see in the close up photos. This wool is NOT itchy and has the softest texture and movability. If you want people to know you have classy taste, THIS is the way to go!  (Photos depicted in shade and in sunlight so you can see how vibrant it can be ) 

The story behind buying this is kind of funny.. 
I usually wait until I have to check this one specific fabric store because 1) it's far to walk to and 2) because she has very fine fabrics and I always know they will be expensive;  but this one time I had to go look for something I bought there before. 
They didn't have the original fabric I was looking for so I took a quick peek around and spotted this burgundy wool, which is my opinion PERFECTION! 

I asked for a 1/2 yard to start but the woman working was so bummed that I didn't get a lot of fabric so I said, '"okay, I'll take a yard" before asking the price. She said "well I only have 2 yards left so you'd have to take all 2 yards" I said okay purely out of obligation. Little did I know this wool was $50/yard. OOPS! I still LOVE it but I didn't intend to spend so much that day.  Oh well, now I know to keep strong when I go in there.lol She carries SO many interesting, vintage fabrics though, it's hard not to give her all of my money! But I digress....

All of my bowties are self tying and can be adjusted in the back.  The back also offers a way to get the bowtie on and off without having to untie it every time. I do send the bowties, all tied up so if you prefer the bowtie to be left untied, please do say so : )


Handsome&Lace isn't a mass production company, nor do I scrimp on detail or quality. I truly love what I do and make sure each and every layer, detail or stitch is a representation of the integrity for quality in uniqueness. For real. From personally sourcing fabrics materials (not done online and I do not pay someone else to do this for me), to hand cutting from my handmade patterns, to ironing right here in studio, and hand stitching tight invisible stitches. Each detail is well thought out and done in person and on the premises. 


Thanks for finding me and please refer Handsome&Lace to a friend!


Sent in an H&L hard keepsake box , within 2 days of purchase via Canada Post regular air service (6-14 biz days to the US ) usually faster

*Canadian Parcel are shipped expedited and get to you in under a week : )

Italian Merino Wool Burgundy Bowtie