OOF, these are probably the best pair of suspenders I have for her right now. By HER, I mean anyone who identifies as Her <3<3 


These were handmade using a fine gaphite wool (might switch to solid black but loving the grey and black contrast right now) The back patch is always genuine leather. 


The lace is a quality weight and just suits this pair perfectly. Can be worn with tube tops, collared shirts and everything in between. Because they are adjustable, they can be worn on any height pant or skirt.   These suspenders represent everything Handsome&Lace is about. The feminine and masculine qualties of these suspenders just makes me feel whole, and beautiful.


The clasps I use are also the best quality I could find, I really wanted to create something sexy and well tailored that She can feel really confident in while knowing you won't cross paths with someone wearing the same interesting piece.  


These are genuinely handmade from start to finish here in studio in Toronto, Canada. 

Lace Capped Suspenders for Her