I created these back in 2008 before I even started Handsome&Lace but because literally every single person stops me to ask where I got it, I figured I would finally get around to adding them!

The reason people stop me is because they are SO helpful and you may never leave home on a gloomy day without it.

Each would be made out of the material of your choice. ( leather $95 or faux leather $75) I prefer the genuine leather because they last much longer. Mine has lasted me over 9 years (You can see it in the photo actually!)

If you prefer a faux leather that absolutely doable!

Once I have your umbrella length, I need 4 days to create your custom umbrella holster. There is a small hole in the bottom to excess rain to drip from (it's usually nothing) and this way you won't be burdened when it's a rainy day carrying your umbrella. The strap on mine is over the shoulder but it can fall from time to time so I'd recommend the cross body version.

Shipped via Purolator or Canada Post.

Tracked package is extra.

Leather Umbrella Holster

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