Handsome&Lace Self-Tie Bow Ties: 

I handmade this specific bow tie from 2 sought after shades this wedding season (sage mint and navy teal) These two colours bring out the best in ever outfit, and keep a charming focus on the groom as well.  Both fabrics are linens and keep such a great form. Whether you prefer a flattened bowtie or one with volume, this bowtie stays where you mould it much like my raw silks.  

When I see an inexpensive bowtie at weddings it breaks my heart because it's probably one of the smallest things you can do to make the outfit look right for such a special occasion.  Even if you know nothing about fashion, I'll help you find the best match that screams quality and authenticity.

Best part about my bowties are that are Self Tying but you don't have to tie it every time because they come on and off at the back so you can attach and adjust in the same pull.

. Actual Bow measures approx. when tied:  4.5" ( or 11.5cm) across and measures 2.25" down (6cm) 
. Fits neck size from 14" -17"


Handsome&Lace isn't a mass production company, nor do I scrimp on detail or quality. I truly love what I do and make sure each and every layer, detail or stitch is a representation of the integrity for quality in uniqueness. For real. From personally sourcing fabrics materials (not done online and I do not pay someone else to do this for me), to hand cutting from my handmade patterns, to ironing right here in studio, and hand stitching tight invisible stitches. Each detail is well thought out and done in person and on the premises. 


Thanks for finding me and please refer Handsome&Lace to a friend!


Sent in an H&L hard keepsake box , within 2 days of purchase via Canada Post regular air service: 

10-14 biz days to the US-Quicker options available ( 2 day shipping to uSA is $30 extra and very reliable )
3 days to Canada
3-4 weeks for Mexico, AU and EU
7-9 days to UK

Teal and Ivory Floral Bowtie

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