Each necktie is handmade with the idea of artfulness and tailoring in mind.

This necktie is EXTRA cool. I used a blue and red silk (superman colours) and made little strips of each colour on a visually grainy wool/linen blend, that is pretty thin and easy to wear. I love these colours together, they bring so much joy from childhood superheroes.

This tie measures 59" in length and 2.5" at the widest point ( slightly narrower than standard width )

Did you know... 

Handsome&Lace isn't an assembly line production company, nor do I scrimp on adding small details whenever possible. I truly love what I do and make sure each and every layer and stitch is a representation of my passion for uniqueness. For real. I love fine fabrics, clean lines and sustainability. My mission is to make ties that people actually LOVE to wear <3

From personally sourcing fabrics to hand cutting from handmade patterns, to ironing right here in studio playing the best music, and hand stitching over 350 tight invisible stitches per tie! That's about 6 stitches an inch unlike most high end necktie companies which you would usually see about 2 stitches per inch. ( I know because I also take in wide ties for customers and I see the lack of stitches over and over again on really well known companies )

I do multiples or mix and matching discounts. (starting at 5 pieces or more* not valid on rush orders)


Canadian buyers are charged a flat shipping fee and is expedited with tracking * 2-4 biz days)

Red and Blue Stripe Grey Neck Tie