Handsome&Lace Self-Tie Bow Ties: 

This bowtie blows my mind. I found a really incredible microfiber curtain (not to be confused with microsuede which is fuzzy) and it has a stunning rose embroidered trim along the entire edge so I've been dying to create a bowtie from it and it worked out so much better than I hoped. It took a while because I had to actually remove some of the roses for sewing, otherwise it would have been too bulky around the edges. I also I lined this gem with a subtle striped fuchsia making the front of the bowtie stand out even more. I say this a lot but this truly may be my favourite one to date. Good luck NOT getting compliments on this one : )

Bowtie measures about 4" wide when tied, and is adjustable at the back using D-rings, which makes tying easier and has more allowance in the neckband size. 

Handsome&Lace isn't a mass production company, nor do I scrimp on detail or quality. I truly love what I do and make sure each and every layer, detail or stitch is a representation of the integrity for quality in uniqueness. For real. From personally sourcing fabrics materials (not done online and I do not pay someone else to do this for me), to hand cutting from my handmade patterns, to ironing right here in studio, and hand stitching tight invisible stitches. Each detail is well thought out and done in person and on the premises.

Thanks for finding me and please refer Handsome&Lace to a friend!

US buyers: This item is shipped regular mail Via Canada Post (7-12) business days, so if you require tracking or speedier service, you MUST let me know beforehand! Unfortunately I cannot find out where your package is if it is late due to Canada Post delays once it has been sent regular mail and I can't offer refunds once the purchase is made due to the handmade nature of this product. 

Canadian buyers are charged a flat shipping fee and is expedited with tracking * 2-4 biz days : )

Rose Ribbon Brocade Bowtie

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