Custom face masks WITH SILK LINING:


Choose your outer fabric colour or request a pattern - limited to stock

Choose an image (image, monogram or word ( only one image/monogram/word per mask! ) 

Chose your size -see below


Silk Colours right now are:

MINT ONLY currently until Lockdown is over Dec 23.



Made to order with Double layered fabric ( inner face fabric being 100% silk) but no filter spot at this time : )  These masks sit from bridge of nose down to the chin bone. 


******Please read carefully before purchase******


Allow 2-4 business days for production and Shipping is so far about 2-3 business days ( Please note I will be taking weekends off) so expect about 4-7 business days (not including weekends) to get your masks : )  I want everyone to have a mask but can only do so many a week <3 



*I'm not able to update each listing when shipped due to such high volumes but know that everything is being shipped!! If you start to worry it might be lost after a while, please do contact me and we'll search for it! Some are not being delivered due to non buzzer input so please, I beg you, add your buzzer numbers : ) 


Shipping is done through Purolator and Canada Post (depending on location) so just expect anywhere from 2 business to 3 business days after shipping date (that seems to be the normal so far during this time) ****PLEASE triple check your shipping address and add any buzzcode! as I won't have time to call Purolator to find where packages are if address was wrong. - If an address is wrong they will ship back to me eventually and I will have to reship which costs $12.



Sizing guide if you are unsure of fit:

Please measure from middle right ear to middle left ear (ear canal) going straight across your face (yes it's


Kids ( 8-10") - Most kids 

XS (10-11") Smaller Sized Faces

S (11-12.5") Most Women

M (12.5-13.5") Most Men

L (13.5-15") 

BEARD Style Mask ( See last Photo - Also send ear measurements for elastic length) 


If you don't want to bother measuring , generally the Small fits most women and the Medium fits most men : ) (I'm not trying to genderize anyone, this is just for quick reference)



If you want to see masks as I make them please check out my instagram @handsomeandlaceneckties 


This listing is for a custom face mask with a symbol/image/monogram or plain patterned if desired (Also note that the lining colours are based on what I have and matches best, they are not part of 'custom' so I won't offer refunds of replacements based on the backing colour. )  


. Heart (most popular)

. Storm Trooper (also see photos of other characters available)

. Middle Finger

. Monogram or Word or two (no phrases)

. Some animals (frog, bear, cat, fox, dogs, t-rex if that counts.. and a few more)

. Floral 1"

. Lips

. Bumble Bee

. Small tree

. Batman outline

. Hello Kitty

. Bowie Aladdin Sane Bolt

. Simple Yoda's (NO BABY YODAY! Sorry, it takes triple the amount of time)

. Bow and Arrow

. Lightning Bolt (harry potter style)

. Designs in attached images

also you can check my instagram to see what else is available @handsomeandlaceneckties


and other single colour images


Only ONE image or Monogram per mask please! : ) 




***Any custom logo's such as business logo's or something hard to find, the listing for that is here




Please leave preferences in notebox but just be aware that I only have so many colours while supplies last. I'll do my best!  I'll email you if I have questions : )




Please note that I'm just one person so I'm getting these cool dudes out as quickly as possible !! 


Thank you!!!!!!



Silk Lined Custom Face Mask