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Getting Married?

Photography for Sarite's Wedding by Gaetz Photography. Dreamy eh?

When you marry your best friend, the details matter; after all the fine details are what got you to this point of your life today.  Every little thing about the love of your life, from the good to even the bad is a detail about them that makes them completely unique. Without fine details, we would all be the same. #truelove  
If you're anything like me you take pride in being unique but it can be tricky to find exactly what you're looking for when you do have such unique taste and needs. That's where I come in. From colour matching neckties and bowties, to fabric sourcing and even monogramming, Handsome&Lace is there every step of the way. 
With over 11 years of Wedding experience, your wedding details are in the right hands.
Have questions? Sure you do! You can send those questions my way to keira@handsomeandlace.ca to get more info or...
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Inscribed Necktie by Handsome&Lace

Custom Necktie by Handsome&Lace for a wedding - Save the date