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About the Brand

Handsome and lace founder keira morgan

The Story Behind our Neckties, Bow Ties and Suspenders


Handsome&Lace started creating 'feminine pieces' like necktie earrings, necktie necklaces, and lavish hairbands made from the silk of vintage neckties.  There was a clear theme here and when the first customer requested an actual necktie made by hand in 2010, I knew it was something I felt fire in my belly about.  

These neckties and bowties are special because they mean something. They are created to fill a void where the market can't and to fill you with a sense of pride and value to your style and the way you are seen. 
Just ask celebrities like Noah Reid from Schitts Creek, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Rhys Darby, the Property Brothers and more.  They needed pieces to stand out, and bringing that to the table is why Handsome&Lace is <3

Property Brothers wearing handsome and lace neck Ties
Noah Reid Emmys 2019 wearing Handsome and Lace

I try to break free from the same old neckties and bowties while keeping a tailored and clean design base. From upcycled materials to raw silks, linen, wool, velvet and whatever else has personality and major quality, I'll use it! 

Each piece is made by hand from cutting my own custom tie patterns, ironing and hand stitching them like back in the day. (You can see the process here)  I don't send things off to to be done for me, this is all me. The atmosphere around here is fun, music loving, and dancing when you just feel an urge. This is not a sweat shop or a place to undermine the craftsmanship of handmade.
These are pieces are carefully made


About Me  - Keira Morgan

Keira Morgan of Handsome and lace

Type 1 Diabetic since age 12, living with a full time disease has always been my biggest hurdle. It's a disease which requires hourly supervision and adjustments. I've always used creative outlets to escape the worst parts of life. I've been making my own clothing since I was 16 years old and was a little obsessed with it actually, but my patience back then was short and I wasn't confident enough to sell anything. 
I got my sewing spark going again after a 2 year hiatus by crafting hairbands from silk neckties at age 26. I perfected hand stitching when I worked with a luxury brand for a while.

From there my addiction to sewing was stronger than ever, and honestly, it's just been busy for 13 years.  I'm now 40 years old and still using creative outlets to find joy. I mainly sew but I also draw, partake in photography, playing the bass, and adding short film writing to my new passion. Stay tuned for more on that! 

Thank you to everyone who values what I do! <3

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