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Wedding Party bow ties and suspenders Toronto

Getting Married?

Photography for Sarite's Wedding by Gaetz Photography. Dreamy eh?

 Handsome&Lace specializes in unique, hand crafted wedding accessories like neckties, bow ties and suspenders designed to suit your theme perfectly, whether you need one dreamy tie or enough for your whole wedding party, we will match your wedding theme and look for the best fabric options that suit your needs and offer options you possibly didn't even think about.

From Monogramming, to custom artwork like logo's or even an inside joke, only you lovebirds would understand, we are here for it! 

"A classic suit is the main canvas of a wedding outfit, and accessories are the personality shining through."

Ready to Ship 

We have a wide range of premade, ready to ship bow ties and neckties for quick turnaround. Just purchase and Shipping takes about one week.

Wedding Shoppe is at the bottom of this page-I think you'll be amazed at the options you can request 

Custom Pieces are done through communication, so you would email or fill out the form below for what you were looking for (Some Details to include)




...from there we send you some photo options and cost breakdown ( Discounts offered for multiples - Wedding parties)

You can add on from there




IMAGE (embroidered OR Decal available)


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