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Custom Neckties, Bowties and Suspenders based in Toronto, Canada

Custom Services

Custom Floral Bowties Handsome and Lace
Custom Ties, bow ties and suspenders by handsome and lace
Fuck off necktie
TMNT Bowtie by Handsomeandlace

Have you ever thought of the perfect tie image?  Your dog, or maybe a tattoo of your mom? Whatever the case, we do digitizing services to go along with our embroidery art services to bring you the most custom of ties! 

Custom image embroidery bowtie

Create your perfect dream tie from some of the best fabrics around!
* Or send us your own fabric for an even more personal experience


Darth Vader Bowties by Handsome and Lace
Save The Date Lining for Neckties
Custom Pet Bowtie Handsome and Lace_edit

Looking for the perfect pair of suspenders and having no luck? Over the past few years, suspenders have become a major part of my custom services. With so many options, these may be the most exciting thing you own

Custom Suspenders
Floral Suspenders by Handsome&Lace
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