Noah Reid Emmys 2019


Each piece is genuinely made by hand in Toronto from cutting my own custom tie patterns, ironing and hand stitching them like back in the day (You can check out a bit of my process here).

*All materials and supplies are locally sourced from small businesses in Toronto.

This brand is ethical, sustainable and down right creative, catching the eye of tv personalities and stylists for film.  Celebrities like Rhys Darby, Adrienne Brody, Catherine O'Hara, Benedict Cumberbatch and even the cool dude himself Billy Baldwin owns Handsome&Lace.  Even the Duke of Edinburgh has his own Handsome&Lace Pocket Square.

A few of my pieces made it to the Red Carpet at The Emmys 2019 via Noah Reid of Schitt's Creek -Nominated for Best Outstanding Comedy Series.  

I also recently gave my Solar System Bowtie to Bill Nye the Science Guy so let me know if you catch him wearing it!


If you need pieces for a big event, please email with all of the exciting details!




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