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Custom Fashion for Business

From small to large businesses, we create neckwear for your brand that captures the vibe of what you are trying to achieve. Whether it be for trade shows to make your staff really stand out, or just employees who need to match, we got you from start to finish.

Bowties and Neckties With Company Logo

Bow ties and neck ties with company logo by Handsome and Lace

We've worked with a lot of creative, and very popular businesses over the years. 

Canadian Tire Custom logo Bow tie
Facebook employee Bowties
Genesis Neck Ties
redbull Bowties Toronto
Tourism Toronto Pocket Squares
Sobeys Employee Bow Ties
Endy partners
University Bow Ties and Neck Ties
TorontoSchool Board Bow Ties
Suspenders for business by handsome and lace toronto
Tourism Toronto.jpg
Red Bull Bowties.jpg
Fist Bump.jpg
Endy Mattress.jpg

These neckties are locally made in a studio in Toronto ON by skilled tailors.  We do not have sweatshop and pricing reflects that because these ties are genuinely handmade using high quality fabrics. These pieces are for companies who are interested in quality, not quantity, and supporting local businesses, so they are typically better for smaller staff sizes who have high standards <3

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