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Colourful Floral Jacquard Brocade  Neck Tie:


Each Handsome&Lace necktie is handmade with the idea of artfulness and tailoring in mind. This is not a sweatshop tie, I take personal satisfaction from creating these pieces one by one, with no shortcuts.  

I hand crafted and stitched this insanely awesome necktie from a very bold and unique jacquard floral fabric in a black with deep red, green, lavender and mint florals in a larger print. This fabric is so stunning and vibrant, and everything everyone needs to see after the past few years we've had. I've challenged myself to be be bolder with more colour and it's been bleeding into my designs <3


Tailored To Stand Out. 



This tie measures 59" in length and 2.675" at the widest point 

*more available upon request-while supplies last 



Canadian Order sent expedited with 2-3 days or purchase and shipping is about 2 business days within Ontario

Tracked Airmail: $9 for 6-10 days tracked to USA



Handsome&Lace isn't an assembly line production company, nor do I scrimp on adding small details. I truly love what I do and make sure each and every layer and stitch is a representation of my integrity for uniqueness and ambition to be well tailored. For real. Weddings have been my main focus for over 10 years and have worked with thousands of wedding just like yours! If you need small personalizations I offer custom services that range from monogramming to artwork. <3

From personally sourcing fabrics to hand cutting from handmade patterns, to ironing right here in studio playing the best music, and hand stitching over 450 tight invisible per tie! That's about 8 stitches an inch unlike most necktie companies. Each detail is well thought out in hopes that this tie will be your favourite tie!


'A Night Out' Jacquard Floral Necktie

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