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Blush Pink and Ivory Lace Overlay Necktie

I hand made this particular neck tie using two fabric to create this one absolutely stunning piece. The under layer is a crepe blush pink raon that doesn't wrinkle, and has a very nice weight and wiggle to it. It won't blow around in the wind like light neckties can tend to. The top layer is a gorgeous ivory floral lace, which adds romance, dimension, depth and envy. This is a perfect necktie for the romantic in you, or for the lover in your life <3 


Tie measure 58" length and 2.75" at the widest point. 

Handsome&Lace isn't an assembly line production company, nor do I scrimp on adding small details. I truly love what I do and make sure each and every layer and stitch is a representation of my integrity for uniqueness and ambition to be well tailored. For real. 

From personally sourcing fabrics to hand cutting from handmade patterns, to ironing right here in studio playing the best music, and hand stitching over 450 tight invisible per tie! That's about 8 stitches an inch unlike most necktie companies. Each detail is well thought out in hopes that this tie will be your favourite tie!


***If you want something a little different, then we do custom, multiples or tailored orders too such as longer lengths, monogramming, fabric sourcing etc. Pretty much anything you can dream up, I can do! 

US buyers: This item is shipped tracked regular mail Via Canada Post (6-10) business days
Canada: Shipped within 3 days and takes 2-3 BUSINESS days to get to your destination.

Blush Pink and Ivory Lace Floral Necktie

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