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Bridal Suspenders by Handsome&Lace

Sometimes I find amazing and confident and inspiring things to make for women and this is one of those times! ( **more photos coming soon of them worn )

Each pair is genuinely made and stitched by hand in a small Toronto studio. From the choice of fabrics (so that the bows drape perfectly over your shoulders and never wrinkle) to creating, forming and stitching the bows - and every single thing in between.
This is a company that I pride myself in because my passion for it is so strong. I need the stitches to be perfect, and to be honest, being a child of a single mother I need the Okay I'm just kidding but maybe not. I really do need everyone to 'like me' and that goes deep into my designs. : D

This pair is made from a fine wool which has a nice texture and perfect for the suspender base because they stay put and have the perfect thickness. The shoulder bows are made from an Ivory satin that also has an amazing quality to it. I just love these for brides who can't decide who wants to wear the dress or the suit, or for modern brides who opt to wear a bridal pantsuit over a dress entirely. Whatever your style, Love is love and I created these for celebrating that love! <3

Fits most sizes but if you are super unique and have a body type that you'd love to custom fit, then please do let me know!

Clasps are rubberized on the inside so they don't slip and they don't ruin your trousers or skirts (whatever you attach them too)

They are also a good length that adjust so that you can wear them with high waisted pants but if you prefer to wear them with lower pants that's not a problem.

Shipping to USA done within 3 days or purchase and shipped regular air mail (8-14 business days to USA) if you need them there by a certain date please let me know as we may need to add expedited shipping. Refunds can not be made once purchase is made so please ask any questions before purchase : )

Canadian shipping is quicker at 3-4 business days

Bridal Suspenders-Satin Ivory Bows

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