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These Handmade Neckties are for ANYONE who loves to feel beautiful.


This Wide Feminine Black Crepe Wool Neck Tie are made wider and shorter than your average neckties. (Standard is 2.75" width by 59" length, and these are 4" wide and 50" in length) creating a fashion piece that also says mature and together.


I've started with black because it goes with everything and will branch out until other colours, and please do recommend patterns or colours YOU'D think would stand out.


This black crepe has a great weight to it, which is important with a good quality necktie. Light and airy neckties tend to blow around and loose the proper hang.  They should look a little flowy and never too rigid for  the perfect look.


I'm very pleased to bring these amazing gender neutral pieces to everyone who is looking for more from their outfits. <3


Shipping is about 6 business days within Canada or 6-10 Business days to USA once Shipped. Production time is about 1 day :)



Wide Feminine Black Crepe Wool Neck Tie

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