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Neckties Toronto


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Noah Reid of Schitt's Creek Wearing Hand
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Neck Ties Toronto
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Schitts Creek at the Emmys
Handsome and lace toronto

Oh, Hi! and welcome to some pretty awesome vibes!

Handsome&Lace is an online shop specializing in handmade neckties, bowties and suspenders.
Inspired by the big city's vibrancy and edginess, this eclectic brand stands out by using locally sourced, textured, upcycled, vintage and luxury fabrics - bringing together the new with the old and something you've never seen before.

What brings you here today?

The Process behind the Ties




"What I love is wearing pieces that nobody else has because in the end we dress to express (not necessarily impress )  When you purchase ties from Winners or Major Chains, you'll end up crossing paths with someone wearing your identity-  I'm all about creating what you love, and what speaks to your personality.  Not every tie needs to be the best tie ever, but I think having at least one piece that you inspired, makes you feel truly genuine."


Keira has worked with luxury brands before including Le Categon- Who created Haute Couture Head Pieces for Holt Renfrew, and other high end retail.

Handsome&Lace has caught the attention of celebrities like Benedict Cumberbatch, The Property Brothers and Noah Reid of Schitt's Creek, requesting pieces for the 2019 Emmy's becoming a local favourite in Toronto, Canada and continues to push boundaries and trends with their one of a kind designs.

About the Designer Handsme&Lace

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