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Handmade Neckties Toronto
Neck ties and Bow ties Toronto By Handsomeandlace

Tailored to Stand Out 


Handsome&Lace is a Canadian, handmade, small batch, neckwear design brand with a bit of edge, sleek tailoring, interesting fabric choices and an eye for colours and textures that make you stand out - whether you need pieces for a celebration or just for everyday wear - we want to create something original with you.

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Head Designer, Keira Morgan learned quality hand stitching from a Couture Headwear Design Company who made elaborate pieces for Holt Renfrew and other high end retail. ​ Handsome&Lace is equally obsessed about quality stitching and fabrics.

With over 14 years in business, fabrics are given top priority when designing our neckties and bow ties; Each line and shape is carefully thought out to not be too frigid and have a classic feel, while standing on the edge of fashion and probably why Handsome&Lace has caught the attention of celebrities becoming a local favourite in Toronto/GTA and continue to push boundaries and trends with these one of a kind designs.  

About Keira Morgan Toronto Fashion Designer from Handsome and Lace

"I love wearing pieces that nobody else has because in the end we dress to express ourselves (not necessarily impress). Style is supposed to be an exciting, fun part of life and when you purchase pieces from major chains, you'll end up crossing paths with someone essentially wearing your identity -  I'm all about creating what you love, and what speaks to your personality.  Not every tie needs to be the best tie ever, but I think having at least one piece that you inspired, makes you feel truly genuine."

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